The Change in a Woman

  Isha Value's start began at the conclusion of a very debilitating relationship that left a broken and seemingly hopeless family structure and a broken individual, who had lost her identity as a valuable individual in the eyes of God.

 This ministry for women is the testimony/story of going from hopeless to viewing oneself through the eyes of the Creator of heaven and earth whose eyes reveals the plans He has for women. It is a testimony/story of looking at His sacrifice in order to fully understand how valuable we are in His eyes.
  After being literally saved by God and given a message of Hope, I presented the message I was given to five people (three pastors and two women) on a Friday night in 2001.

  The message of Isha Value was received well and met with words of encouragement and appreciation. Those few in attendance stated they would have never imagined that I would present such a powerful message that evening.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

Mission Statement

The Freedom of  a Woman

Everyone needs to know that they are Valued and the price that was paid for them through the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.
The price of “great worth” is free.

Once an individual is made aware of "The Story" and adopts it as their own, it will change everything in their life.